Where You Live Where You Die



Comfort Zone


Hearts Collide

"Bobby's back and he's bringing it. Today he delivers one of his best singles to date, and given his back catalog that is no small accomplishment. It's been a while, but no matter, for it was worth the wait" - Kirby@ Ramparts Entertainment

Emotional Drift

"Camerons eight-song disc Emotional Drift, shows off the reason hes signed as a songwriter. With more hooks than the sports section at Canadian Tire, the songs are naturals to get stuck on radio playlists" Mary-Lynn McEwen - FFWD Weekly - Calgary AB Canada




Drowning on Dry Land

"Singer-songwriter Bobby Cameron's Drowning On Dry Land is 24-Karat, folk rock gold. Highlighting his superb vocals with acoustic and slide guitars, this runs the full gamut of emotions. From the opening vocals on Inside Out to the slashing chord changes of Grass is Never Greener, you'll be hooked" Emusic.com




Bobby Cameron self-titled debut

"This is strong rock and roll filled with a ton of good hooks and dominating the whole proceeding, is Camerons fantastic guitar work" The Record Review









"A very talented artist and songwriter and it's been a pleasure getting to know Bobby and write some cool songs.Looking forward to many more" - Patricia Conroy Singer/Songwriter

"Bobby is such an incredible talent. He’s truly one of those guys, that with the right connections, he’s going to be so well known. People from outside Edmonton who know him absolutely love his stuff. We’re definitely going to play him" - Steve Jones VP/Programming Newcap Radio

"Bobby Cameron is one of Canada's finest singer/songwriters/guitarists.Cameron is consistently on a musical journey that allows the listenerto share his vision, his memories and hopes for the future as he deftly engages through subtle nuance or wailing guitar.Cameron hones his musicalexpertise in songs that we can all relate to,songs that make us feel,that touch our soul through joy,or the pain of losing someone you love,Cameronis adept at not only telling his story, but the stories that we all share throughout our lifetime"  -  Kris King EJN Sampler

 "Cameron knows a hook. His songs have radio play written all over them. He's a born front man with killer moves and a rough-edged voice that never lacks emotion" - Neil Watson Entertainment Editor Edmonton Sun

“Drowning on Dry Land, Bobby Cameron’s latest release, has a sound that could compete with any mainstream rock record out there”
- Mike Bell - Calgary Sun

“Congratulations to you on winning the National Guitar Championship. I know for you it is like winning the Stanley Cup” - Mark Messier