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"The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift. The Purpose Of Life Is to Give It Away" ... Pablo Picasso

Dear Family and Friends,

Did you know that 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism?  Did you know that autism is the fastest growing neurodevelopmental disorder in the World?  Did you know that since 2012 the prevalence of autism has increased 40%?  Did you know that our beautiful 6 yr old son Breton was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 yrs old?  Did you know that our beautiful nephew William in Cape Breton who is now just graduated from high school has Autism as well? Well, it is true.  We know first hand, that support is needed.  This is why we are asking for your support!

By supporting the Autism Speaks Canada Walk, you are helping change the future for people impacted by autism spectrum disorder.  Your support will fund scientific research, local and national services, advocacy, and awareness, and ultimately making a difference for the people like our beautiful boy Breton.

Sherrie, Bobby , Jaiden & Breton Cameron


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Hanging with my beautiful wife Sherrie at the Autism Speaks Canada Walk in Edmonton. Sherrie runs the Alberta and Saskatchewan office for Autism Speaks Canada. She is actively involved with corporate fundraising for this great cause. Since our boy Breton's diagnoses with Autism, Our family is deeply commited in doing what ever we can to raise funds and awreness for this Charity. As a family we celebrate the genious of these incredible minds who live with this amazing and complicated condition.


Breton's Funny Quote Of The Week:

"Hey Dad, you should be a rock star one day"

This happended a while back but wanted to respost it. While in my studio one day, Breton is kicking around. Banging on a guitar and then whacking at the piano. He seems to be digging it and is in deep thought figuring out melodies and something that works for him. I could tell he was loving it. Anyway, after jammming around he turns to me and says. "Hey Dad, you should be a rock star one day". I laughed so hard. If only he knew how hard I worked for so long at trying to do just that. Btreton cut right through it in seconds. It was such an funny moment that I'll cherish it forever. I gave him such a love hug and thanked him for being who he is and for coming into my life. I thank God every day from him. I wouldn't change anything about him. His heart, mind and soul, resonate at a frequency I try and reach for. He is perferct and beautiful. I believe in the hidden treasures of the Autistic vibration. They soar at high levels and touch down at jaw dropping moments. I have these moments with my son on a daily basis. He teaches me things that I wouldn't normally learn. His meticulous mind for detail and his incredible passion for life, inspire me.