Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by. I hope something here spoke to you and one of these tracks resonated. In the end, the fans, YOU, are the reason any of this gets heard. I can't do it without you and every CD released, every song written, I got you in mind. All my songs are about real life stuff. Stuff that gets in the way sometimes of finding the light and the struggles ahead of trying to blast through to find it again. These songs are for the moms, the dads, sisters, brothers and any other soul out there trying to make today better than yesterday. For me, music has been a life line and many times was the rope I held to pull myself out of that deep dark hole. I'll keep writing as long as you keep listening. I'll keep playing if you keep coming to the shows. That's a promise. So again, thank you for taking this ride with me and for always being there.

Forever Grateful,

Bobby C


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