Doug Radford

Greg Pretty

Mark Puffer

Stewart MacDougall


Bobby Says:

"I have had the honor of sharing the stage with so many great musicians over the years. Each and everyone has taught me so much about being a better player and a better human being. I have so much love and respect for them. So grateful to call these kind hearts my friends." 


"Doug Radford is a brilliant bass player and an outstanding producer. His soul is gentle and easy. He is a great listener and a deep thinker. He's very much the quiet one in the room but with a big presence. His gentle way turns into a ferocious storm when he picks up the bass. His knowledge of music runs deep and his sense of things is so razor sharp. He brings such magic to my music every time we get a chance to share the stage or studio together."


"Greg Pretty is one the most gifted artists in every sense of the word. He doesn't just talk about art or chase some fad, he builds it and lives it. From his music to his paintings to his huge appetite for books, this well-educated man is so committed to perfection, you can't help but dig deeper when you are around him. His groove is rock solid and when he kicks it in, you feel the immense power of his talent. One of the best Shuffles I have ever had the chance to bend strings too."


"Mark Puffer is hands down the most talented musician I have ever known. He's a brilliant singer and guitarist. Incredible producer and arranger along with one of the most sought-after sidemen from coast to coast. He's also one of my closest friends. Mark's been a huge part of my original career and continues to be a big contributor to my studio recordings. Sharing his time with myself and Canadian Country Star Gord Bamford, Mark is burning his gigging candles from both ends. I am always so happy to have him in the lineup. He just has a way of making my music sound better."


"Stewart MacDougall is one of the best songwriters to ever call Alberta their home. I call him the song doctor. If your melody is sick, Stew will fix it. His is a lyric surgeon that will peel back layers until the essence of a great story is alive and well. He's an incredible artist and an amazing piano player. His original music has been recorded by such greats as, KD Lang, Randy Travis, and Ian Tyson. Stew was a big co-writer on my Comfort Zone CD. Besides all his talent, he is one of most genuine and honest human beings I have ever met. Any chance I get to have Stew on the show, I jump at it. Busy with his own career, I consider him still to be a part of my musical journey whenever the opportunity arises."